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As in the words of the founder, from the introductory article, an excerpt from SHABD, Issue-1: 

Legally, Dastaan Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation; but for us it's more like a 'concept', a 'vision', a 'legacy' that must be continued endlessly. It's 'life', the saga of 'me', 'you', and every other person out there in the world. And even more, it's the saga of a change. The change that service and philanthropy is not necessarily a passion to pursue when 'everything else has been done', and wisdom is attained. It is rather the young generation that will bring about the change. Dastaan here is a 'belief' - that passionate, kind-hearted 'youngsters', 'students', possess the energy, as well as the esteemed desire to change the world. And Dastaan here is a 'proof' of this change that is in the young hands!

Dastaan is a vision of 'doing any good'; following one's dream, his passion. It's a vision to work for any cause, in any way, by any means!


Our vision is to touch lives, create a 'dastaan' in each, a saga of one's own dreams. 


Dastaan dreams of a world, a beautiful place to live, where million lives rest in chorus, where heart pumps life in every bit, where living for others is the reason to live.

The ideology is to utilise the faith in the almighty, the wisdom of the elderly, and the restless power of the youth, to bring about a transformation, and write stories of everyone's own realisation.

And therefore, Dastaan is an organisation guided by the wisdom and driven by the youth, with its wings spread into making a saga out of Life - making a Dastaan.

'We will follow the philosophy of 'Independence in Philanthropy', and allow everyone to pursue their own aspirations of serving the world, and therefore we'll not limit ourselves to any specific philanthropic aspect. This is what Dastaan is all about, its Love, Compassion, Life.' 
Mohammad Shadaan Husain
[Founder - Dastaan]

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E-Letter [SHABD]
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